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Transdek's mezzanine floor lifts are designed to provide safe and reliable access to secondary
storage areas, and to enable simple, streamlined integration at our customers' premises.

We understand the need for businesses to react quickly in today's highly competitive marketplace,
which is why we have developed our mezzanine floor lifts to be: rapid-install (less than 2 days including training), compact and cost effective.

The preferred choice of product for an ever-growing number of companies – from single-unit
operators to large, multinational retailers – Transdek's mezzanine floor lifts enable the efficient
movement of products between floors at warehouses, self storage units, retail outlets, and factories.

Based on our surface-mounted design, which avoids costly and time-consuming pit-fitted
installations, we are able to offer the most economical means to access your raised storage areas
without ever compromising on quality.